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Access Apache WebDAV from Windows XP

This is a work-in-progress. This is not complete, may be never will be. It is purely for my own reference. Use at your own risk.

Here I try to remember how to configure Apache and Windows XP so that WebDAV on Apache
is accessible from Windows XP clients.


Registry changes required to support large files and many files:

Automatic Protocol Driver Selection for MSDAIPP

DHTML Behaviors for making webfolder open automatically.… - Google - Yahoo - Microsoft!

Seems like the search engine #1 #2 and #3 have come together to cook up something to make their jobs easier. Meet Basically you tell them the links your site using a xml file and let them know what you think is relatively important. There was already a "Sitemaps" as part of Google Webmaster's Tools which had similar features. Its good that they standardized the protocol across three major search engines and have made the specification licensed under Attribution-ShareAlikeCreative Commons license. And there are many online sitemaps generators. But there seems to be no way to add one to blogspot.