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Speed: Firefox Vs Safari

This test was done with Webkit's SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark on the latest versions of Firefox 3 and Safari available as of today. It overall the test results indicate Safari is faster. But the individual results need to be looked at and decided which tests really matter in real world and how they affect our daily browsing speed. TEST COMPARISON FROM TO DETAILS ============================================================================= ** TOTAL **: 1.07x as fast 3216.0ms +/- 1.8% 3003.4ms +/- 1.1% significant ============================================================================= 3d: - 393.0ms +/- 5.0% 377.8ms +/- 1.3% cube: ?? 131.4ms +/- 14.2% 140.0ms +/- 2.1% not conclusive: might be *1.07x as slow* morph: 1.19x as fast 136.8ms +/- 1.5% 115.4ms +/- 2.5% significant raytrace: 1.02x a

Windows Live Writer On Macbook

Windows Live writer is such a good blogging software that it alone justifies installing vmware fusion+windows on my Macbook. Apple really doesn't have any product that comes anywhere close to Windows Live Writer for blogging. For that matter nobody has. Among all products under Live brand this alone is generations ahead. Keep Rocking!