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Security and technology

The nature of the attacks will be different: the targets, tactics and results. Security is both a trade-off and an arms race, a balance between attacker and defender, and changes in technology upset that balance. - Bruce Schneier, Security in Ten Years

Windows Live Writer and Mail - Nice!

As you can see from my previous post, Live Writer seems to be working nice with image posting. And I'm using Windows Live Mail client here to access my hotmail account (bah, a story to tell another day), my office account and my gmail account. Works well. Not bad at all. Although there are some rough edges in the settings UI, I didn't expect this good a job from Microsoft. So I'm impressed. And in recent news, I read that IE8 can render the Acid2 smiley . (FF3 can't, I just checked). One of the things I read in the comments was a guy asking for a Bugzilla (not exactly bugzilla, but a open bug tracking site) where people can file bugs and track it openly and search other's issues when they encounter something themselves. I feel that this is strongly needed. Infact I feel that any software company that has a developer community owes it to the developer community for all the business they get in return. Like Office which is a microsoft stronghold, web is another micro

Picture test

Trying to see if I can insert a picture in my blog via Windows Live Writer. Lets see if it can do the job. Well. It seems to preview nicely in here. Also, the shadow effect of the photo is nice. Seems to have choosen some good defaults. That's nice. And it seems to do good word wrapping too. Not bad. Only if it works fine when I post.

Windows Live sucks

This service, they don't even call it beta, doesn't work most of the time. Anytime I try to sign in, it is unavailable. Redirections go dead, browser shows error page and dies. Real crappy for a big company like Microsoft. Our company does a much better job with such low resources than MS. I agree that it might be scalability problems, but wtf, call it beta, do limited beta, stop accepting registrations. But don't accept registration and make the user go to a dead page. That's sheer disrespect from an arrogant large corporation to the users. I've been working on getting e-mails delivered to hotmail from our corporate mail server. That's for another post. But preliminary investigation indicates that almost everyone is facing this problem. Seems like bozos over there can't interpret SPF records. Having valid spf record makes your mail to get junked while not having spf record at all yields better results. Typical of microsoft.