Writing Apache 2.x Filters

I'm writing a Apache 2.x output filter to append arbitrary query parameter variables to all the urls in the response body. Some of the references online that helped me get started on the output filter are listed below. For the actual work of finding the url tags, extracting the url and appending the required query param, I'm using a Lex scanner. (no parser required).

Flex Resources:

Apache Reference Online:


This is the website. Most of the pages are in German; but you can make out.
The specific presentation I was talking about are here:

Then, there is http://f-m-c.org/projects/apache/index.php . This was the output of a project by the same university.

For Apache Filters,

Specifically about output filters:

About bucket brigades:

Many other articles by Ryan Bloom (the APR guy)

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