Code Commentary: dvd-audio tools

Recently I've got interested in dvd-audio free software. I'm getting a universal player. So then want to be able author my own content in high definition multi-track audio DVD. Currently there is only one DVD Audio authoring free software hosted at

This project hasn't been worked on since its last alpha release on 20050703. And there are some nice TODO items on its status page. Some of them are really good to have. So I'm thinking of working on them.

To start off, I would comment on the code and log it here for my understanding and reference. (might help others too!).

Source I'm using for this purpose is taken from here.

Let's look at the source code organization.
amg.c /amg.h - has code for Audio Manager (AMG) - this is stored in the AUDIO_TS.* files and consists of the AUDIO_TS.IFO file, an optional moving video menu in the AUDIO_TS.VOB file and the backup file AUDIO_TS.BUP.

samg.c /samg.h - has code for Simple Audio Manager (SAMG) - this is stored in the AUDIO_PP.IFO file and is the equivalent of the table of contents on a Red Book audio CD.

ats.c / ats.h - has code for Audio Title Set creation and writing of actual audio data in to AOB files.
atsi.c / atsi.h - has code for audio titleset information creation. writes the file ATS_XX_0.IFO

audio.c / audio.h -

version.h - contains #define VERSION "0.1-cvs"
libFLAC/ - contains the libFLAC library sources.

[To be continued]

Suggestions / Corrections / Comments are welcome.

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