Free Google for Small Businesses!

Most people think Google is a search company! Well, yes they are a search company. But primarily they are a very good web technology company. What they do brings Internet and its way of life much closer and more easier to many people. Can you imagine that if you are a small business owner, you have quite a few things going for you because of Google. The product of theirs I'm referring to here is Google Apps for Domains.
Google Apps for Domain provides free e-mail (2GB) accounts at your domain address. This, along with the google talk messenger service at the same address, pages, and calendar make it a pretty nice offering, all for free. Also, throw in a restricted private groups at google groups beta, you have a pretty good online infra structure for your company! Very reliable, secure and free!

I just setup all this for a company called SSC Vanilla. And the handful of people at this company are already using it and seeing the benefits.

More to come later, may be.

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