Macbook Pro Battery

One thing I realized with my last Macbook (White) is that putting your macbook to sleep all the time and never shutting it down (especially overnight) is not good for your battery. By doing that I've had consumed more battery cycles and now the battery discharge time has come down to just over 2 hours. Last week I got a new macbook pro. And this time I figured out how to make it hibernate (not sleep) upon closing the lid. With that, I've managed to do only 3 cycles of battery recharge in last one week.

Here's how to put your macbook to deep-sleep (hibernate):
Put these two lines in your ~/.bash_profile:

alias hibernateoff='sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0'
alias hibernateon='sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 5'

And whenever you are about to close your lid (like before you go to bed), just turn hibernate on by invoking hibernateon in terminal. At other times, when you don't want it to go to deep-sleep, just turn hibernate off. This is useful when you close your lid while moving between meeting rooms etc in office.

Also, I realized that these new batteries don't need to be discharged and recharged regularly as they don't have the "memory" problem like the older technology batteries did. So I use battery only when I need to and stay on power adaptor when I can. This way I can keep my battery cycle count low.

Here's my battery info for future (self-) reference:
+-o AppleSmartBattery  
      "ExternalConnected" = Yes
      "TimeRemaining" = 0
      "InstantTimeToEmpty" = 65535
      "ExternalChargeCapable" = Yes
      "CellVoltage" = (4189,4189,4190,0)
      "PermanentFailureStatus" = 0
      "BatteryInvalidWakeSeconds" = 30
      "AdapterInfo" = 0
      "MaxCapacity" = 5573
      "Voltage" = 12568
      "Quick Poll" = No
      "Manufacturer" = "DP"
      "Location" = 0
      "CurrentCapacity" = 5573
      "LegacyBatteryInfo" = {"Amperage"=226,"Flags"=5,"Capacity"=5573,"Current"=5573,"Voltage"=12568,"Cycle Count"=3}
      "BatteryInstalled" = Yes
      "FirmwareSerialNumber" = 9626
      "CycleCount" = 3
      "AvgTimeToFull" = 0
      "DesignCapacity" = 5450
      "ManufactureDate" = 15124
      "BatterySerialNumber" = "xxxxxxxxxxxx"
      "PostDischargeWaitSeconds" = 120
      "Temperature" = 3099
      "InstantAmperage" = 0
      "ManufacturerData" = <000000000000000000000000xxxxxxxxxx000000000000000>
      "MaxErr" = 1
      "FullyCharged" = Yes
      "DeviceName" = "xxxxxxxxx"
      "IOGeneralInterest" = "IOCommand is not serializable"
      "Amperage" = 226
      "IsCharging" = No
      "DesignCycleCount9C" = 1000
      "PostChargeWaitSeconds" = 120
      "AvgTimeToEmpty" = 65535

As this battery is deigned to last 1000 cycles I'm hoping this battery will give me 6hrs backup when I need it for a long long time - at least 3 years.

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